The educational department of BARD CANCER DIAGNOSTICS and AWARENESS FOR A CURE (non-profit cancer resource) has partnered to offer a public health & awareness presentation called “EARLY DETECTION & PREVENTION” designed for the educational benefit of members of large community groups & private organizations. This is an educational seminar hosted and co-produced by Dr. Robert Bard, recognized Cancer radiologist and digital diagnostics expert. Dr. Bard unites his many respected colleagues and fellow medical experts in the many fields of cancer study in this special educational program.

We are proud to offer you this unique educational series FREE of charge to your organization because the format is currently in its BETA state. This means we are working to finalize the ultimate format of the presentation which we aspire to produce on a national scale- and we are currently presenting to a limited set of audiences for feedback.



Single Presentation Event: We have a multi-doctor speaker panel (3 speakers) available for a 2 hour presentation package. This includes a powerpoint slide accompaniment, literature for the audience (RSVP required).

Speaker Series (multi-events): For orgs/groups who wish to subscribe to a set of speakers in a sequential event series, our EARLY DETECTION & PREVENTION program is available on a limited schedule which we will work with your event planning committee as to the frequency and location of each event. Our program contains over 25 speakers who are available for scheduling.

Sample Presentation: Meet Dr. Jesse Stoff- renowned speaker about Onco-Immunology and a traveling advocate for Prevention and Early Detection.

Posted from event: THE NAVEL EXPO (Melville, NY)

According to the World Health Organization, early detection of cancer greatly increases the chances for successful treatment. In the ongoing battle against cancer, it is common knowledge that most cancers in their early stages are far more likely to be treated with positive results. Moreover, a thorough checkup of one's physiological analyses, heredity review and personal data gathering (from blood & dna tests) are all strong info-gatherings for early warning signs that someone may be a candidate for cancer. PROACTIVE tasking starts from AWARENESS, EDUCATION & SCREENINGS. The right attitude of self-preservation and an appreciation for longevity is lesson #1. Pursuing a balanced lifestyle covering all the bases of nutrition, exercise, sleep, detoxing and de-stressing is also part of a life-plan of better living.

By now, a simple GOOGLE search can bring you hundreds upon thousands of pages of free information about cancer. It is actually known to be one of the most searched topics on the internet. Because of this, raising your level of understanding empowers you to actively pursue every course of action- from prevention and health programs, nutrition, self diagnostic how-to's, types of cancers etc. Meanwhile, the overload of information out there makes decision-making difficult. By this SPEAKER SERIES, we hope to clarify and streamline what is fact from assumption. Furthermore, the concept of FACE-TO-FACE education brings medical experts directly to your personal access- available for actual Q&A so you can get your answers in real-time.

For all community groups and private organizations who wish to host our event(s) for either a Single Presentation or Speaker Series, you may charge your members whatever you wish. Promote this event to your members and/or our distribution dept. can help design invitations and send out direct invites from your list of members as well as outside your member circle through our public marketing. This is a free service that we provide all community groups within a limited time. We will accept donations (TBD) for our administrative efforts.

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